Yoga Classes

As Yoga teacher, I help my students to build a good relationship with their own body, advance in their practice and discover their limits and strengths. I aim to provide clear alignment cues and adjustments, ensuring a safe yet challenging practice for my students.

Corporate Yoga

I teach morning and evening Vinyasa Flows for beginners and intermediate students. These flows are designed to gently stretch and strengthen the body in order to restore an healthy body posture before and after spending a day at the desk.

Based on anti-desk movements, these flows warm up and stretch wrists and spine with a focus on balance and core exercises which help to improve back pain, stiffness and stress release.

Private and 1 to 1 classes

I teach Ashtanga Primary Series and Intermediate Vinyasa Flows according to the student’s level. These classes are designed with a special focus on alignments which allow all students to safely improve in their own practice. I create specific flows according to the student’s needs and requests, I also offer inversions and balance workshops.

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